About Lux Beauty Club

The world’s first hair extension and maintenance Subscription Box

Victoria Flores, the Co-Founder Lux Beauty Club, used to spend thousands and thousands of dollars a year buying human hair extensions and having them installed.

But as a Finance Executive, Entrepreneur and Author, she always thought, “This is crazy. Hair stylists keep hair extension prices artificially high. And their charges for installation are outrageous. There has to be a better way.”

So when Victoria met Leslie Wilson-Namad, a business woman with extensive experience in pharmaceutical and beauty products, it was a perfect match. Together they launched  Lux Beauty Club. 


Save on hair extensions


Lux Beauty Club sells affordable, high-quality hair extensions directly to consumers. 

To save, women ‘join the club’ for free and Lux Beauty Club delivers hair extensions as a subscription service.
This way, women always have the color, length and style of extension they want, when they need them.


Save on installations

To save even more, Lux Beauty Club members have many options:

1. Install the hair extension themselves

2. Have a PRIV Pro come to them in the comfort of their own home

3. Find a Lux Partner Salon

4. Bring to their own hair stylist



The little box is always full of surprises!

Lux Beauty Club members are always ahead of the trends.  With each subscription box, membership is free and they can toss in their favorite hair products to compliment their extensions as well as help the extensions last longer.