3 ways to protect your hair extensions from being damaged

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As the seasons change, your hair extensions should follow suit. But what style are you looking to rock this season? Straight hair, curled hair, wavy hair, blown out hair…the list goes on. Thankfully the options are endless, but one this is consistent, you need to protect that hair.
What is the one thing that ALL of these hair trends require? Heat. Just like our natural hair, our extensions need love and care to stay super healthy for as long as possible. So how exactly do you make this happen?
Have no fear, we’ve compiled 3 of the best tips to save your hair extensions from getting damaged by keeping them soft and protecting them from breaking.
Heat protectant sounds like such a no brainer, but it really is a MUST before styling for not only your extensions, but for your normal hair. Heat protectant will reduce the damage to your hair when used before styling it with any type of heat.
It is often a spray, cream or serum that you can put in your hair, whether it is dry or wet. All you have to do is run a little bit through your hair before styling. It’s that easy!

Just like we can forget to brush our own hair sometimes, it may slips our minds to brush our extensions. 
It is very important to remove any knots or tangles in your hair because when your extensions are silky and smooth, it allows the hair to run through straighteners or curling irons without being damaged.
We recommend brushing your extensions twice a day. It is very simple and it will definitely be worth your time.

Let us guess, your shampoo is the best thing you have ever used and it makes your hair softer than ever? Well it may be time for a change if you want to properly protect those extensions.
It is important to use a light shampoo and conditioner that is packed with moisture. This will keep the hair looking healthy and prevent the wear and tear. But while you are conditioning your hair, make sure you are only moisturizing the ends of the hair and not pulling your extensions out!
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