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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Lux Beauty Club / Product Review 


Hey loves so im doing a review on the company called "Lux Beauty Club" I would say the shipping for this company was pretty fast which made me happy. I received a box that had
the "PRESSONHAIR" extension kit that was 7 pieces and it was in the color "Dark Brown" 18 inches now this color was way too light and i have Black hair. I also relieved three "PRESSONHAIR" synthetic pops of color pieces in the colors 
 Blue, pink, and lavender that are also 18 inches. Since the dark brown was way too light for my hair i decided to use them on my mom and she loved them! Even though the hair was a bit thinner than i expected she prefers it that way and she absolutely digs them. I also think it looks wonderful on her and her hair type. I tried on the color pop pieces and i think its so cute and fun! If you love to add color into your hair i think thats the safest way to make it happen without having to dye and damage your hair. I cant wait to pull off looks using the colored hair for you guys on my Instagram @Iniebean. You can purchase anything from
hair accessories, hair care, hair extensions, hair tools, hair pieces, weaves, and wigs. I think this company is great and i love the way the clip in hair extensions look on my mom! I recommend this company for anyone who is looking for great hair products for a very fair price.

*May heat up to 400 degrees
*May use detangling spray
*May wash and blow dry on low heat.

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