Braids & Ponytails For Every Occasion Using Hair Extensions

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Ahh braids and ponytails! We’re pretty sure all women love them and believe us when we say this- your they don’t have to be boring at ALL! Read on the top three different techniques on how to wear luxe ponytails and braids for every occasion using the most beautiful hair accessory- exquisite, flouncy clip in hair extensions. We love how these lovely hair styles are so easy to create and quick which make them perfect for not just a glam day out but an everyday look as well. The best bit about these hairdos is that you can use a voluminous clip in hair extensions weft anytime to get the ponytail or braid of your dreams in a jiffy, without having to buy a fake-looking clip in pony. 

  • For this passionate hairstyle, clip in either in 3 or 4 clip wefts or simply use the complete set for a voluminous look.  
  • Feel free to part your hair whichever way you wish to. Since this ponytail sits lower on our head, clip in the wefts just like you normally do and pull your hair up into a low pony. Begin curling your hair pony in soft luscious curls. Don’t forget to add in some human hair extensions for this look. 
  • Move your fingers lightly through the curls to brush them out for an ultra-romantic look. Your ravishing hairstyle is complete and sure to speak wonders!

hair extensions ponytails human hair extensions


  • The idea of this pretty style is to clip in hair wefts in similar directions that your hair naturally goes in when you put them up in a pony. 
  • Separate few hair strands at the front and then clip in a 2/3 weft just like you normally do. If you wish to add an extra oomph to your pony, clip in two more wefts in the area. 
  • Now separate your hair mid-way and flip them upside down. Ensure you’re leaving out enough hair strands at the nape of the neck as they’ll conceal the wefts later.
  • This time, continue to clip in the wefts but upside down. This will make sure that the clips do not pull your roots and give a comfortable feel when you tie your hair. Take out any random hair strands and baby hair at the front area to frame the face well and get that sultry messy look. 
  • Now loosen up your pony by tugging at the top of the hair. Take out random sections of your ponytail and backcomb them. 
  • Finish the look with a hairspray to set it perfectly. For additional texture, you can also scrunch your hair upwards using your hands and there you are- a very playful and fun ponytail style!

human hair extensions ponytails and braids with human hair extensions


  • Start this plush hairstyle with creating a tinsy pony at the crown of the head. The tiny pony will act as a firm base for adding in your hair extensions.
  • Grab a 3 clip weft and begin clipping it all around the pony. Ensure you clip closer to the hair tie- so that you’ll have space to add in other wefts. Remember: The tighter your wefts are clipped in around your hair tie, the more relaxed it will feel.
  • Now in the same way, continue to add in 2 or 3 clip wefts all around the pony that you created first. For additional thickness, clip in a 1 clip weft over the wefts that’re already clipped in the hair.
  • Once this is done, grab all of your hair and pull them into a lovely high pony and make sure that all wefts are covered. It’s important they are tightly clipped in as a smaller base is easier to conceal.
  • Now fasten your hair into a surreal ponytail with a gorgeous brightly colored or adorned hair tie and smoothen out any flyaways. Finish off your sleek look by taking a hair strand and finely wrapping it all around your ponytail base. This will conceal your hair elastic (if it’s simple) and will also give an uber-chic, unique look that’ll surely turn heads.  

human hair extensions high ponytails

Which is your fave look!


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