Celebrity Trends Using Hair Extensions

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Ever wonder how Hollywood’s A-listers and celebrities change up their appearances exquisitely in an instant?  Well, the cat's out of the bag...it is all about hair extensions ladies! That’s right, almost every super-star you know has worn these silky n smooth faux hair locks for different appealing hair looks for a photo shoot or star-dazzled red carpet. 

If you don’t have a professional hair stylist at your speed dial, clip in hair extensions are here to save the day and let you beautifully change up and experiment multiple looks as fast and Kim and Kylie. 

Here’s a list of our favorite celebrity trends using hair extensions and top red carpet ready appearances.


Our favorite hair crush, Selena Gomez is never afraid to rock some lustrous hair extensions. The singer has a silky lob cut naturally but when she comes out on the red carpets, we’ve seen Selena looking breathtakingly beautiful with sultry long waves. 


Kylie has been making headlines for long due to her ever-changing, beautiful hair looks. One day we’ll see the star sporting her statement super-long midnight black mane and the very next day she’ll be rocking a dazzling platinum blonde bob in flair. The lip-kit guru isn’t afraid to experiment with looks either—luxe green hair girlies? Though the star has a choppy bob, we love how she gives us MAJOR hair goals and enjoys having fun with her hair.  


It’s safe to say that the Fenty Queen is Hollywood’s most gorgeous style chameleon, isn’t that right? Remember the star’s bold red hair look? When she went for bangs? Whether it’s one shaved side hair to silvery grey locks and Statue of Liberty hair spikes, Rihanna has been seen in almost every hair look we can think of. Her soft and long mermaid waves at the Grammy awards 2018 to die for and can only be achieved with some stunning hair extensions. 


The singing icon was famous for her plush perma half-up half down hair look but now the beautiful queen of pop has changed her signature look to a sultry n sleek high-pony tail that’s super-long, ultra-voluminous and also gives such an alluring vibe. Yes that’s the power of hair extensions!


We just can’t forget Kim K in a list that’s all about celebrity hair extension trends. The glamorous star is a big style-inspiration, sporting shorter length hairstyles and wigs a day and the most appealing long rupunzel hair, rich in a high-shine glossy feel and so finely straightened the next. Always spicing her outfits up with different outstanding hair looks instantly (and we just can’t have enough of them); Kim owes so much to hair extensions. 


Usually seen in flouncy honey brown wavey locks, we’ve seen exquisitely rocking a super-long sleek hairstyle on the carpets time to time. Unless the prettiest glam star has found out a way to grow shiny long locks over the night, this enchanting length can only be achieved by adding in some charming wefts of silky n straight hair extensions. 


Nothing’s more refreshing than when a star keeps it all real. Our favorite hair and style icon, Chrissy Teigen spoke out on Instagram telling us how her lovely locks aren’t hers. What’s even more exciting is that the star has also modelled for a hair extension seminar by Priscilla Valles and taught attendants tips and tricks on how to care and style your hair with extensions. An amazing intiative to help ladies feel confident in their own skin and signature style, Chrissy!

And there you have it! Our top celebrity hair extension trends and some glamorous OOTD inspiration that’s sure to make you the talk of the town. 


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