Common Myths & Misconceptions About CBD

CBD use continues to grow in popularity. From tea to pet beds to toothpicks, there’s a CBD product out there for pretty much everything these days.

Even though there are a number of studies, experiments, and medical journals that support the multitude of claims to the health and wellness benefits CBD provides, the stigmas, myths, falsehoods, misconceptions, and rumors that surround it remain pervasive.

Members and allies of the CBD community can learn factual information about CBD and help change the narrative one conversation at a time. Here are 10 of the most common myths and misconceptions about CBD.

10 Common Myths & Misconceptions About CBD

Myth #1: CBD works like THC but without the high.

A common misconception is that CBD works just like THC or marijuana except it doesn’t have a euphoric effect or make the user high.

The two compounds have similar health benefits such as pain relief, reducing anxiety, and alleviating stress. THC differs in the sense that it binds to receptors in the brain that control mood, pain, and other feelings and cause a euphoric or high feeling.

CBD binds weakly, if at all, and promotes a positive or calm feeling. In fact, CBD is often administered with THC because it blocks THC from binding to those receptors, yielding less of a high and more of a calming effect.

Myth #2: CBD is not psychoactive.

Because CBD doesn’t get you high like marijuana, an easy assumption to make is that it isn’t psychoactive. While the psychoactive properties of CBD may not be as obvious as THC and marijuana, they’re certainly present.

CBD is psychoactive but considered non-intoxicating, meaning you won’t experience sedation or euphoria like marijuana users. CBD is actually known to counteract THC and create an entourage effect that may be more beneficial than taking either CBD or THC alone.

Myth #3: CBD has no side effects.

Because CBD is seen as having the ability to treat almost anything, the possibility of side effects rarely gets the same amount of attention. Yes, they exist.

CBD is typically tolerated well by most users, but it can still come with side effects like dry mouth, diarrhea, and even drowsiness. Most studies note that adverse reactions will likely stem from CBD interactions with medications rather than negative reactions with the body.

Myth #4: CBD is addictive.

Because CBD, and other cannabis products, are often lumped in with tobacco and illicit drugs, a commonly purported myth is that users can get hooked or become dependent.

There’s no evidence available that proves that CBD has any addictive or abuse potential. The World Health Organization actually declared such in June 2018. If anything, CBD benefits include the ability to treat addiction and is actually being used to treat addiction to opioids.

Myth #5: CBD is the same thing as marijuana.

A huge misconception about CBD is in thinking that it’s the same thing as marijuana. CBD is not marijuana.

There are two main plants in the cannabis family: the hemp plant that has high amounts of CBD and minimal traces of THC, and the marijuana plant that has minimal traces of CBD and high THC levels and is known for its euphoric or “high” effect. Hemp-derived CBD is the version flooding the CBD industry today and cannot get you high, unlike marijuana.

Myth #6: There’s no credible proof to support CBD benefits and its effectiveness.

One of the largest factors keeping people from trying CBD is their lack of belief in its benefits. While countering with facts is an option, CBD still carries some heavy stigma that requires serious debunking.

There are a number of studies and science-backed research supporting many of the claims of health and wellness benefits provided by CBD. The National Center for Biotechnology Information has a collection of journals, articles, and experiments concluding CBD can help treat ailments, diseases, and disorders including PTSD, chronic migraines, and more.

Myth #7: Edibles are the best way to take CBD.

Edibles are everywhere in the market and are a popular method for taking CBD. Because of this availability, it’s often touted as the best way to take CBD when it actually isn’t. When ingested, CBD loses a lot of its benefits and you only absorb 20-30% of it.

The best way to take CBD is sublingual. Quality CBD tinctures are natural with only a few ingredients and absorb rather quickly. To administer, hold the desired amount under your tongue for a minute.

Myth #8: CBD will put you to sleep.

People often think that CBD will make you drowsy or knock you out and perhaps that’s because it comes from the cannabis plant. While CBD is a popular addition to nighttime routines and improves sleep quality, CBD itself does not put you to sleep.

Great piece on insomnia here.

Studies show that more than 50 million Americans have problems sleeping in the United States with causes including insomnia disorder, anxiety, stress, and chronic pain. CBD can alleviate some of these issues, making it easier to not only fall asleep but stay asleep.

Want to add CBD to your nighttime routine? Try our Sleeping Beauty CBD oil.

Myth #9: The more CBD the better.

CBD has so many benefits and if you’re not experiencing negative or side effects, then more is better right? Not exactly.

The right therapeutic amount is dependent on each individual and a number of factors including weight, height, tolerance, metabolism, etc. With that being said, high quality and full-spectrum CBD can be effective at microdoses or low doses. Newbies should start small and work their way up until they find their sweet spot.

Myth #10: All CBD is the same.

Have you ever tried a CBD product from one company and then had less-than-desirable results with another brand? That’s because you might have used a product that had a low grade of CBD.

The CBD industry has exploded quickly and regulation from the FDA hasn’t been able to keep up, meaning you have to do your research in order to find a trustworthy brand that uses premium cannabidiol hemp extract and can provide the results you’re looking for.

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