Dudes Need Skincare, Too

Skincare for Men

Guys, there are a few things that are universal between all genders. And the need for a good skincare routine is one of them. Did you know the condition of your skin can affect not only your own self-image but also your relationships and performance? Here are the top things guys should be doing to take care of their skin.

Wash your face.

At a minimum, you should wash your face every night. Think of all the sweat and dirt you gathered during the day. You definitely don’t want that seeping deeper into your skin while you sleep.

If you are so inclined, you can wash in the morning, too. If you’re not wanting to use too many products, you could opt for a hot towel to wipe off your face after you wake up instead.

For your daily cleanser, look for something mild and hydrating. You should use a mild cleanser before you shave your face, too.


Ideally, you would have two moisturizers, each with different benefits in mind.

  • Morning moisturizer: In the morning, use a moisturizer that boasts at least SPF 30. Even your minimal daily sun exposure can add up over time, although you might not notice it from day to day.
  • Evening moisturizer: In the evening, use a moisturizer that has anti-aging ingredients. These could include niacinamide (protects the skin’s barrier defense and encourages moisture retention), protein peptide (helps stimulate collagen production), and a low percentage of retinol (smooths skin texture and reverses signs of aging).

There’s no set schedule for moisturizing, as everyone’s face is different. Moisturize as needed.

Oil the beard.

Moisturizer can’t usually penetrate beards to the skin underneath, so beard oil is just as essential for the health of the skin under the beard as it is for the whiskers themselves. Some oils that won’t clog skin pores or trigger breakouts include rosehip oil, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil. They will also help tame stubble.

Call in the collagen.

Collagen is overflowing with benefits for your skin. It's the main protein in your skin, and it has benefits from smoothing wrinkles and increasing skin elasticity to helping with aches and pains, and even improving gut health. Your body naturally produces collagen, but production starts to taper off once you hit age 30. Luckily, you can find collagen in different sources, from food or supplements to collagen creams. LUX Beauty Club offers a CBD-based Face Plumper Collagen Cream that you can use daily to promote collagen production.

Address skin irritation.

If your skin is irritated with bumps, you will want to use one of these to address the irritation.

  • Shaving cream. If your irritation is caused by shaving with a gel, switch to a shaving cream, which is less likely to cause razor burn.
  • Salicylic acid. This is a pre-shave exfoliant that removes dead cells from pores and the surface of the skin. Salicylic acid is an anti-inflammatory agent and antioxidant that can be used to fight redness and damage. A salicylic acid wash can treat bumps like folliculitis, ingrown hairs, and acne.
  • Benzoyl peroxide. A benzoyl peroxide wash fights the bacteria that may cause skin bumps, but it is harsher than salicylic acid and may cause stinging or burning on sensitive skin.


Once or twice a week, consider using an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells on your face. A scrub can be used once or twice a week, or you can opt for a weekly mild peeling mask if you have oily skin. The mask will help dissolve dead skin cells.

Learn how to shop.

If you're overwhelmed when you walk down the skincare aisle in any store, use these tips to help you find what you're looking for.

  • Know your skin type. Observe your skin. Is it dry, oily, or sensitive? Find products that are geared to help your specific type of skin.
  • Shop women's products, too. While the options for men in skincare have increased significantly, there's no denying that skincare is often more female-focused when it comes to product promotion. Don't be bothered if you need to venture into the more feminine packaged products to find what you need. If you're worried about the smell, look for products that are fragrance-free (or choose earthy scents).
  • Consider your ethnicity. There may be products tailored to your specific skin type. Find them!
  • Experiment. You might not find exactly what you need on your first try. See if you can find samples of products so you can test how they work for your skin. Look for a subscription box that sends travel-sized items so you can determine what you like before committing to a large amount.

Additional creams and serums.

There are some other creams and serums that can be beneficial to a man's face. Here are some you should consider when making your skincare routine:

  • Antioxidant serum. This should be applied in between shaving and moisturizing. It will help reduce damage from oxidative stress, which is caused by our bodies' negative reactions to bad things in the environment such as industrial chemicals, pollution, cigarette smoke, and UV rays.
  • Retinol cream. For anyone over 30, a retinol cream can help smooth fine lines and wrinkles.
Need more

More than skin deep.

Self-care is more than skin deep. Did you know there are skincare products that help alleviate aches and pains below the surface, too? If you need relief from pain or inflammation, or you just want some relief after a workout or sport, check out LUX's Relief Roller. You can roll it on the affected area throughout the day to find a reprieve from your sore muscles or other pains.

Your skin is always there for you; it has your back. Reciprocate the love. If you are in the market for any skincare products be sure to check out the entire line at LUX Beauty Club. We're not just for the girls.