Hair stylists keep hair extension price high!

Posted by Aaron Baker on

I know I know, what you think. "But my hairdresser says only she can install my tape-ins." Now, come on, I have been installing my own tape-in hair extensions for years! This is why I started this company, that gets the best hair at wholesale prices in your  hot little hands. Now, I work with stylists all the time and sometimes I get lazy to call one in and simply apply them myself with the help of my husband! Other times, I want the stylist experience and have them install them. Which either way, you are still saving money because now the stylist HAS to tell you what the service fee is. That's what I call winning. So don't be scared to try them. I have customers now who have become professionals at installing them in front of a mirror. I love to hear these stories. I have included a Dos and Don'ts for tape-in hair extensions.

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