Quick and Easy Hairstyles With Hair Extensions For Short Hair

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Are you someone who has had trouble keeping long hair, so you decided one day to just chop off those locks straight away? Well, in that case you are not alone – a lot of girls go through that stage where they want long hair but can’t manage them which is why we bring you 2 minute hairstyles that you can master with the help of hair extensions. 

  1. The half bun or the artsy bun

Add a bit volume to your summer hairstyle by rolling a section of your hair along with the weave into a bun, while leaving rest of the hair to flow on your shoulder.

top knot with hair extensions  human hair extensions lux beauty club tape ins clip ins magnet hair

2. Twisted front bangs

This one is surely the easiest hairstyle you can make in two minutes, no kidding. Just part your hair from the center, twist the front bangs on each side and secure them at the back using hair pins. Leave the rest hair either open or secure them in a ponytail as it suits you.  We are using hair extensions hair to add texture and volume. 

human hair extensions side bangs with hair extensions tape ins magnet hair clip ins

3. Fish Pig Tails

Part your hair from the middle and section them into two pig tails, braid each pig tail loosely and secure it with an elastic band. Then fan out the braid to make it look chunky. Add clip in hair extensions for a voluminous look. 

human hair extensions fishtail braids clip ins tape ins magnet hair weaves

4. Super High Ponytail

Just grab all your hair without brushing them out, pull them all in a fist and secure using an elastic band. Make it funky by adding a braided strand over the elastic band to hide it. The human hair extensions we have would be perfect for this!

human hair extensions clip ins tape ins magnet hair

5. Beach waves & braided parting

Well this one is our favorite. All you have to do is part your hair from the center, and divide it into halves – take one half and using a straighter or a curling iron add the waves by alternatively moving your hand in a spiral – once this is done on the other section braid the front section while leaving the rest – this would be it. Secure your braided hair using a hair pin and complete the look by puffing out the un-braided hair using fingers. 

side braids kardashian hair tape ins clip ins human hair extensions

That’s about it folks, we hope we were of help. Wake up tomorrow and try one of our 2 minute hairstyles and do let us know which one worked out for you, or which one didn’t. Let us know if you want to read more on hairstyles!

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