Seven Problems the Elderly Face that can be Fixed with CBD

Seven Problems the Elderly Face that can be Fixed with CBDAs you cycle through the circle of life, you might notice a few more aches and pains pop up that you didn't have before. It's no secret that as you age you face more discomfort as your body starts slowing down. That shouldn't slow you down, though, and CBD can be key in helping you maintain the quality of life that you want.

The many health benefits of CBD can be extremely helpful for people who are aging. Often the aches and pains of age have medications tossed their way, but those medications can come with costly side effects. CBD has minimal side effects but can offer many of the same benefits.

Here are some of the problems that become more prevalent with aging, and how CBD can help with each of them.

1. Difficulty Sleeping

The elderly population is notorious for having a hard time sleeping. This is because the neurons in the brain that regulate sleep start dying as we age. This can be problematic because a decrease in sleep increases the chances of developing Alzheimer's or dementia.

CBD is the perfect option for someone needing help with sleep, young or old. Using CBD helps you relax so you can fall asleep better, and it helps you regulate your sleep pattern. It also helps eliminate things that could be preventing you from falling asleep in the first place, like pain and anxiety.

2. Arthritis

CBD has pain-killing and anti-inflammatory properties, both of which work together to be an ideal help for anyone with arthritis. The pain from arthritis can be debilitating. CBD can help it become more manageable.

Be sure to discuss with your healthcare provider your plans to help alleviate arthritis symptoms with CBD to ensure it is compatible with any other medications you may be taking.

3. Dispositions to Medical Problems

As you age you are more susceptible to a lot more medical problems. A lot of those problems, such as some cancers, autoimmune diseases, type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, and Alzheimer's, are due to inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can prevent the inflammation that would cause these diseases, and can therefore decrease the user's likelihood of developing them.

4. Cardiovascular Diseases

Not only can CBD decrease the risk of developing heart disease, but it can also help those who already have it because CBD oil can reduce tension in the blood vessel walls.

5. Chronic Pain

For many people, age brings consistent, chronic pain, stemming from a multitude of sources, from fibromyalgia to multiple sclerosis to rheumatoid arthritis. Consistent CBD use can help in managing pain and increasing the quality of life, and it is not addictive like many over-the-counter medications for pain. CBD also has fewer side effects.

6. Anxiety

Life changes such as the death of a loved one, new health concerns, or even the beginning of retirement, can be anxiety-inducing experiences for many. Anxiety can also be developed at a younger age and carried into the elderly years. A study published in Kaiser Permanente’s Permanente Journal showed that CBD use decreased anxiety in 80% of participants over the age of 70. The anti-depressant ability of CBD can help users deal with the anxiety around them.

7. Cancer Management

Age is the biggest risk factor for cancer. Managing cancer treatments can be a daunting task and in some instances nearly as debilitating as cancer itself. CBD can help mitigate these symptoms. It can help with managing pain, anxiety, and nausea, all of which are common among cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Where to Start

Many of the problems that come with growing older can be eased with CBD use. We offer a wide variety of CBD products in our inventory. Here are some of our products that may be helpful for someone wanting to begin implementing CBD in their lives.

CBD oil for sleep: This oil will help promote a healthy sleep that lasts all night long.

CBD oil for anxiety: This oil can be used topically or ingested to promote peace and healing.

CBD oil for clarity: This oil can help boost your cognitive function, helping you focus and stay sharp during the day.

CBD roll-on for pain: This roller can help specific areas that are inflamed or painful.

CBD gummies: We have a wide variety of gummies, including vegan-friendly CBD gummies, that can be taken daily for multiple different health and wellness benefits.

If you are considering starting a new CBD regimen, always consult with your healthcare provider to help you find the right dosage for you.