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Quick and Easy Hairstyles With Hair Extensions For Short Hair

Are you someone who has had trouble keeping long hair, so you decided one day to just chop off those locks straight away? Well, in that case you are not alone – a lot of girls go through that stage where they want long hair but can’t manage them which is why we bring you 2 minute hairstyles that you can master with the help of hair extensions.  The half bun or the artsy bun Add a bit volume to your summer hairstyle by rolling a section of your hair along with the weave into a bun, while leaving rest of the hair to flow on your shoulder. 2. Twisted front bangs This one is surely the easiest hairstyle you...

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5 Reasons Why Hair Extensions are a MUST

   Have you considered buying hair extensions, but you’re not sure if it is worth it? We’re here to let you know 5 reasons why we think hair extensions are a total must! Long and thick hair has always been easy, and IN STYLE no matter what year, month, or day it is.Unfortunately, it takes a long time to grow, PLUS requires a lot of care, time and maintenance that many of us don’t exactly have. So what is the simplest, most cost effective ways to solve these problems and look your best at the same time? You guessed it, extensions. Take a look below at our top 5 reasons why you should be wearing hair extensions.HAIR GROWTH It is...

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How To Choose The Right Hair Extensions For YOU

Choosing the right hair extension can sometimes be a hassle. Hair extensions allow women to add a couple of inches and volume without having to wait years for them to grow. But you can’t just pick any one you want and go. They are an investment so it’s best to spend the time finding what works best for you. For starters, you’ll want to know what your hair is being made out of. Is it Remy Human Hair or is it synthetic? Next, you have to match the extension to your natural color. Which color option gives you the look that you want? And last but not least, there’s the maintenance that needs to be done in order to keep...

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