Why I left Banking for the CBD Industry

Sure, banking was lucrative and I had a successful career but I always dreamed of owning my own business. I stumbled upon CBD because I was using it myself for the stress of a previous business I had been working on. I literally wanted to pull out my hair and couldn't sleep. I would mix certain brands until I found something that worked for me. I would also add CBD oil to my own beauty products to help with any inflammation or pain.  I was adding a little sprinkle of Melatonin to my CBD oil as well to help me sleep. Hemp and cannabis has so many benefits that help your body relax, heal and regenerate. THC is the psychoactive component missing from broad spectrum formulas so CBD doesn't get you high. Although, back then I wish it had with all the stress I had going on. 

My aha moment came when I noticed so much noise around ingredients that were not transparent. Brand were being tested and didn't even have CBD in them, after being tested. I knew we could do better and I wanted to support USA made products from organic certified farms. So our journey began with testing and finding our partners that also believed in our mission.  I also saw so many brands that were so masculine with awful packaging. I knew having beautiful packaging would not be difficult among all the noise.  Staying true to ingredients and the process served as our baseline.

Once, the Farm Bill passed without Hemp on it, we went to town and launched our brand at the Atlanta Gift Show to much fanfare! The response was unreal and even Adam Glassman of O Magazine became a fan.  Now as we build our brand across demos its important to us to always stay authentic, noble and transparent. I want our products to help so many others the way they helped me. CBD is the future and we are only getting started. I want to see our products on every shelf.