Why is Indian Human Hair the Best?

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Many companies and brands claim to sell true Indian human hair extensions.  The fact is less than 1% of companies sell true Indian human hair and are actually selling Chinese hair extensions.  Chinese factories buy the lowest grade of Indian hair called "fallen hair". Which comes from combs and scraps which then has to be over processed with harsh chemicals in order to clean it.  They use about 1% of this fallen hair which they then mix with synthetic fillers, animal hair and Chinese hair.  They acid wash the hair which strips the cuticles, then add silicone to give it weight and shine. The biggest problem with this is that after a few washes the coating falls and the hair begins to tangle and shed.  The hair extension cuticle is not running in the same direction, therefore, the hair will not lasts and become a rat's nest and frizz ball.  Awesome.

fallen hair human hair extensions 

Gross right? Yep. How do we know this? Because we use to buy from China and sell this to customers.  We thought we were buying Indian hair but as you can imagine we were appalled when we learned the ugly truth about human hair extensions.  After many unhappy customers we did the next reasonable thing, we bypassed China and went straight to the source.  India.  Now, this wasn't easy to do and it was a long journey to making it happen but we knew we had to sell the best, quality human hair extensions possible to our Lux Beauties.  The next hurdle was still keeping it affordable as before, which we managed to do!  And now we can say we are the ONLY direct to consumer hair extension brand that not only sells true Indian human hair extensions such as tape ins, clip ins and the now the revolutionary magnet hair but also at an affordable price.  Who else can say that?

indian Remy human hair extensions 100% pure remy indian hair affordable indian hair


I dare you. Ask your current company where they are sourcing their hair extensions, if they say its Indian but comes through China they are lying to you.  Our human hair doesn't even touch China, therefore, it is never diluted or filled with anything toxic and is ethnically sourced.  Our hair comes from a single donor and is guaranteed to not shed, tangle or become a rat's nest.  That you have our word. 

So next time you go price matching on Google remember that true Indian human hair extensions cannot be 30 dollars as many sites claim. You get what you pay for and you're paying for mixed hair with synthetics and most likely animal fillers.

Now you are armed and fabulous Lux Beauties!




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