Why our Beauty Bursts Gummies are the bomb!

Gummies are the easiest and most fun way to try and take your CBD. It hits your systems quickly and truly gives you the relaxation you crave.  The various delicious flavors also make it very easy to take a few at a time but one must remember that this vehicle for your CBD can vary from person to person. So I would start with 1 a day and if you want a more intense feeling then up it to 2 per day. 

I would also suggest you don't take any long drives after taking these gummies because you will absolutely feel like chilling rather than focusing on the road. 

Choosing a gummy is important because you want to make sure its Made in the USA and all of the testing has been performed. The COA with what's actually in the bottle should match the batch test.  Overall ingredients also matter tremendously to customers and companies should never make any unsupported claims. 

CBD in general can't cure cancer and the myriad other diseases some companies claim. The plant does have many many positive benefits to your body and mind and that happens by consistently using and taking CBD. We have only scratched the surface of the various cannabinoids that live in the plant and everyday we discover something new. What do we know? We do know that CBD helps anxiety, relaxes you, can help with inflammation and sore muscles. The plant has helped many people in many ways but every person is different and it doesn't always help everyone but what do you have to lose.

Try our Beauty Bursts and be prepared to fall in love.