Why Partnering with My Jane Is Good For Business

I love any business that empowers women. Now that's a bold statement because, of course, they are many businesses that empower women BUT my favorite businesses are the ones that empower women through the almighty dollar.  Yes, we want women to be powerful in our society, we want women to be seen and be heard. But I want women to make money, lots of it. I don't feel bad about saying that. We have been taught to be shy about wanting to make money and be successful through fiscal means. Why? Men go around all day chanting that they are masters of the universe and nobody bats an eye lid but god forbid a woman want to make money to support her family and buy a few items of indulgence. Clutch pearls! This is the exact reason I love My Jane. The My Jane affiliate-partnership program is a unique program that allows women to earn income from the comfort of their homes. Oh yeah, you know that COVID thing, well this is the perfect business for these times. The program is for any woman that wants to earn either extra income or simply earn an income with minimal risk and investment.  Do I have your attention?  No down side selling products that already work for you and are made for women by women.  Essentially, women earn income on all referral sales to the My Jane platform for their award winning products, ahem, including ours. 

So see, partnering with My Jane not only makes business sense but also raises the bar for other businesses by allowing women to not just sell products but sell products that work for their bodies and make you feel good inside and out.  I have come to know the CEO, Helene Blanchette, and she is the exact type of woman that I love to work with side by side. She champions women and wants to help in anyway she can. We want each other to succeed and create products that are non-toxic, clean and rooted in plant science for our customers and the world.