Will CBD Help My Sunburn (and Other Skin Ailments)?

CBD and Skin AilmentsCannabidiol (more commonly known as CBD) can help with many things from stress relief to enhancing sleep, but what about problems that are only skin deep? Let's take a look at whether or not CBD is a good option to help with common topical problems that most people experience.

Will CBD Help My Sunburn?

Most people are familiar with the redness and stinging pain that can come from a little too much UV exposure (and not enough sunscreen). Your body responds to your mismanagement of sunscreen by gifting you a few days of inflamed pain, possibly expressing itself as blisters or swelling. CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which can make it a helpful tool in getting you through those few days of feeling like you are on fire.

CBD will also reduce the redness of the burn, eliminate some of the pain, and even help reduce the chances of your skin flaking and peeling at the tail end of the sunburn since it can assist with skin repair. The anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties of CBD also reduce your risk of your sunburn getting infected.

CBD could be applied to the burned and painful area in the form of a CBD lotion, CBD body cream, CBD oil for pain, or even a CBD roller. You can apply the products as needed to relieve the pain.

Next time be more diligent with the sunscreen (to prevent other potential problems, like skin cancer), but if you forget again, at least you can alleviate some of the immediate pain with the CBD products you have on hand.

Will CBD Help My Acne?

CBD is bursting with qualities that help control acne. Here are a few:

  • CBD's anti-inflammatory property. Did you know that acne can be triggered by inflammation in your body? Since that is the case, keeping down the inflammation with CBD keeps down the zits all over.
  • CBD's anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Exposure to bacteria or fungi could cause acne, but CBD's anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties can help your body fight it off.
  • CBD's stress-reducing property. High stress levels can cause you to break out. Taking CBD can help you manage your stress and keep your acne under control.
  • CBD's sebum regulation. Sebum, a naturally occurring oily and waxy substance that our body makes, is necessary to reduce friction on your skin, protect your skin from harmful things trying to enter it, and prevent water from trying to leave your skin. Too much sebum, however, can be the cause of acne. CBD reduces the overproduction of sebum so you can still have the benefits of sebum without the excess and whiteheads that come with overproduction.

How do you get these powerful acne-preventing benefits from CBD? You might choose a topical CBD, such as a CBD roll-on, oil, or moisturizer, or you could ingest CBD in the form of vegan CBD gummies or a CBD oil that is safe for ingesting.

Will CBD Help My Dry Skin?

If you're out getting sunburns, you might be exposing your body to chlorine from a swimming pool or salt water from the beach at the same time. Overexposure to chlorine or salt water can cause dry and irritated skin. A CBD oil roll-on, CBD-rich moisturizer, CBD body cream, or CBD lotion could help alleviate the irritation you are experiencing. The pain relief property from CBD is an added bonus!

Will CBD Help My Wrinkly Skin?

CBD is an antioxidant, which means it helps fight free-radicals in your body. Free radicals wreak havoc throughout your body, and one of the harmful things it does is attack the collagen fibers in your skin. Collagen is what gives your skin its elasticity. If you don't have elasticity in your skin, your skin droops and wrinkles more easily. So using CBD to fight free-radicals helps your skin stay taut.

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can also be beneficial in helping manage wrinkles. It helps to relax the skin and reduce redness, which leaves already existing wrinkles less visible.

The fact that CBD reduces stress (which can contribute to wrinkles) is just another reason to utilize CBD to help manage wrinkles.

For these CBD benefits, you can use a topical CBD product such as a CBD roller, CBD oil, CBD body cream, or CBD facial moisturizer, or you can also take CBD orally, either through CBD gummies or CBD oil under the tongue.

Will CBD Help My Skin be More Beautiful?

Girl, you're gorgeous just the way you are. CBD can help preserve and refine that natural beauty and make it shine! With so many benefits and so few possible side effects, it makes sense that CBD should be your skin's BFF. Our inventory has many of the CBD products that can help you manage sunburns, acne, dry skin, and wrinkles, so check it and get a little more CBD in your life.