Clip-In Hair Extensions So Perfect, You’ll Be Stuck Like Glue


Lux Beauty Club hair extensions offer an online one-stop solution for every mane. Your natural hair has many demands: trims every 8-10 weeks, highlights every 3 months, drugstore-dye disasters, heat damage, weekly masks, coconut oil deep conditioning. Ugh. What doesn’t go into hair? And at what cost?

Maybe you’ve wound up with the wrong length, or a color that was not what you imagined. And for your next trick: risky DIY courtesy of the drugstore. It’s not long till you’re as deep into a bottle of hair dye as you are your wallet. You could wind up just as “broke” as your split ends! Now what? They say beauty is pain, right? Nah. Let’s ditch that phrase faster than perms.


The Solution

Lux Beauty Club has got you covered...with beautiful weaves and clip-in extensions. Built with 100% of the highest quality human hair, these beauties perfectly add that desired thickness and length to tame those pesky ends and fix thinness and length (or lack thereof). Each extension comes pre-cut and taped for easy and convenient application. Locks last at least 8 weeks after initial application and can be washed and reused. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat! 

Color is key. These extensions are to die for without being to dye for. Unlike permanent hair dye, you’ll never get stuck with the wrong hair color. Instead, our extensions will be stuck to you! Picking the perfect-fit color is absolutely risk-free! Anyone who orders with us is able to see exactly how a color will look without the commitment of a permanent dye. We offer several shades of blonde, brunette, auburn, red, black, and gray. If it is not the right fit, any unopened package can be exchanged, no questions asked!


Hair Extensions That Won’t Break the Bank

Just when you thought things were too good to be true, we know what you’re thinking. Rest assured, these extensions are highly cost-efficient. Our various packages range from about $30-$230 to make hair extensions a realistic option for anyone. Let Lux Beauty Club accommodate your budget without sacrificing quality, only quantity. Buy a full head of wavy locks, or just clip in a few straight ones to thicken up your ‘do.


Go for it! Lux Beauty Club hair extensions are the quality beauty investment you just can’t afford to live without.