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Our Organic CBD Oils are 100% Organic & can be used Topically or Orally.


    CBD offers overall beauty and health from within.

    This is a great daytime tincture for anti-anxiety, pain, inflammation and digestion.  The peppermint CBD Oil can be used topically or orally for anti-aging and relaxation benefits.  Often used for a "CBD relation massage" or for "CBD hair loss or beard therapy." 

    Benefits include:

    • Anti-Aging
    • Anti-Inflammation
    • Brain Function
    • Cell Production
    • Anti-Anxiety
    • Sleep Promotion
    • Pain Relief
    • Vitamins C & D and Omega 3 & 6
    • Gluten FREE
    • 100% Vegan
    • USDA Organic
    • THC FREE

    Supplement Facts

    • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
    • Peppermint Flavor
    • Amount Per Servings: 50 mg
    • Calories: 9
    • Total Fat: 1g

      Suggested Use:

      • Apply 10-15 drops on desired area
      • Rub gently 1-2 times daily
      • May be used daily via orally or topically
      • If used orally place 10-15 drops under tongue, let sit for 60 seconds, up to twice daily

       Wholesale minimum qty: 12

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