Beauty Bursts Gummies - 900MG
Beauty Bursts Gummies - 900MG
Beauty Bursts Gummies - 900MG

Beauty Bursts Gummies - 900MG 9 reviews Regular price $40.00 Save $-40.00

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Key Facts

  • 900mg of CBD
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Mixed delicious flavors
  • Zero THC
  • Maximum strength

Recommended Use

Take 1- 2 gummies a day. 30 count in bottle.


Our vegan and gluten-free gummies are guaranteed to keep you mellow and chill morning to night.  Made with agar agar gelatin.

Created to promote the endocannabinoid system and regulate your mood levels and help you take on the day.  Seriously. Game changer.

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Lisbette P.
Be Careful but in a good way

You know its one of those things that when you take them you can feel it right away with a little jolt but then you go about your day then its time for bedtime and I literally sleep like a baby and don't wake up. I realize now that everytime I sleep like that its because I have taken my gummies! It's really incredible.

Brett J.
2nd Order

There was absolutely zero hesitation for my second order of Lux Beauty Club gummies- In fact, I have enough for maybe 10 more days, but wanted to restock because these little gems have been so therapeutic in my healing during a very difficult time in my life after losing my husband. Sleep is vital for everyone, but so much more when you are going through any sort of stressful time. Thank you Lux Beauty Club for such a quality product and for a seamless shopping experience on your site .

Nayali C.

I had to start slow because I these work almost immediately which is amazing because I have tried others that DO NOT have the same kick at all.

Joseph C.
2 will do the job

I trued one and it worked instantly but 2 man oh man 2 won't get you off the couch, lol.

Debbie M.
Hmmm wow?

I started with 1 at bedtime and knocked me fully out....then I tried 2 at 2PM and wow gave me a jolt then chilled me out. I am not sure what the deal is but man these taste awesome and work immediately. Like immed.