Human Straight Tape-In Hair Extensions - Medium Brown

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Human Straight Tape-In Hair Extensions - Medium Brown

Gorgeous straight medium brown tape-in hair extensions from Lux Beauty Club. We offer the most affordable, luxurious and high-quality hair money can buy. Shop now!

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    Best extensions I've owned!

    Posted by Anna De Leon (@PepperedInStyle) on Aug 2nd 2017

    I have dark brown hair and these medium brown extensions give my hair the perfect highlights. The texture of the hair is exactly like mine so they blend flawlessly. If anyone happens to put their hand on your head, they wouldn't feel them at all. My friends couldn't even tell I had extensions. I've had them on for less than a week and I'm at the point that I sometimes forget I even have them on. Love them!!

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    Great color match

    Posted by Jenni P on Apr 28th 2016

    I sent my photo in and not only did they find me a custom color, they matched it perfectly. Just took two weeks but it was worth it. Once I joined the club I always get the right hair color and length!

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    Can install yourself!

    Posted by Briana Ray on Apr 12th 2016

    The best part about Lux is all their products are easy to self install. I don't have to pay someone to put them in for me, which makes this price unbeatable.

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    Gorgeous Hair!

    Posted by Faith on Feb 29th 2016

    Really love the feel of this hair and looks even better than mine!

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    Save $$$

    Posted by Allison Low on Feb 29th 2016

    ok, these minis are so cute and easy to apply. I do them myself and save a ton of money by not going to my stylist! Shhhh

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    Can you say perfect travel hair kit?

    Posted by Alicia Bos on Feb 26th 2016

    I wanted a little highlights without the commitment. I can do these myself and even take them out myself with the remover spray. Friggin' genius!

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    Posted by Alicia on Feb 23rd 2016

    I should start with how picky I am about my hair. Growing up with a mother as a stylist, I have been above and beyond a perfectionist with my hair. I always have big ideas of fun things to do with my hair but never do them because they're out of my comfort zone. One idea I've been thinking about was the hombre. When I heard about press on hair, it was the perfect solution. I now have subtle hombre that everyone keeps complimenting me on, it didn't break the bank, it's gorgeous and it lasts for TWO MONTHS! My girlfriend bought a bunch for her wedding too. It's the perfect solution to treating yourself to a new look. I highly recommend it.