Human Wavy Tape-In Hair Extensions Color 12 Dark Blonde

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Human Wavy Tape-In Hair Extensions Color 12 Dark Blonde

TAPE-IN hair extensions by LUX BEAUTY CLUB are by far the best on the market.  We offer 100% Human Remy Hair and the highest quality medical grade hypoallergenic tape.  When you buy tape-in hair extensions remember it is not just about the hair.  It is also about the tape.  If the tape doesn't hold or is too strong it will either slip or not come out and cause your own hair to rip out.  We have created over 30 custom colors, offering the most amount of blends on the market.  Our packaging comes with clear concise instructions so you will feel comfortable putting them in on your own or taking them to your stylist. Our tape-in hair comes in a variety of lengths, colors and styles.  If you were to go to a hair salon and have tape-in extensions installed it would cost you upwards of $700-$1200.  Our revolutionary semi-permanent hair extension system allows you to achieve this look at a fraction of the cost.  We also provide you with all of the maintenance hair care products for you to maintain your luxurious locks and always look your best! 


Tape-In Extension Application Instructions:

PEEL OFF: Peel of the tape tab.
TAPE-IN HAIR: Part hair in desired location. Press onto hair.
SQUEEZE TOGETHER: Place another piece underneath the same section. Squeeze or sandwich together.
REPEAT STEPS: Repeat  above 3 steps following the diagram.


Tape-In Care Instructions:


  • DO clarify and wash hair thoroughly with "The One" clarifying shampoo.
  • DO use dry shampoo "Hi and Dry" for 2-3 days post application to allow tapes to set.  May use in between washes to not overwash hair.
  • DO apply "Hot Mess" detangling spray throughout the ends of hair on a daily basis.
  • DO use any and all heating tools including curling wands, flat irons and dryers when necessary.
  • DO use "High Maintenance"  Shampoo and Conditioner every few days to maintain luxurious locks.


  • DON’T wash hair for 48 hours.  The tapes need to set.  Never use a moisturizing conditioner on the roots. Once you wash hair use "High Maintenance".
  • DON’T brush hair when wet.  Dry majority of hair before brushing.  Brushing wet hair may cause tapes to slip.
  • DON’T color hair. You should choose the correct color you need or color your own hair first.
  • DON’T swim in chlorinated water.  Always pull hair up before swimming or protect it with a treatment first.
  • DON’T let shower head water beat down on the crown of your head.  The pressure may cause the tapes to slip. Rinse scalp quickly.

Tape-In Hair Extension Removal

To remove tape-in hair extensions you want to apply one of the solutions below, between the tapes tabs and slowly pull them apart. Continue to spray the remover until the tape completely peels away from your hair.  Continue throughout your hair until all of the tapes are removed.  Wash with "The One" clarifying shampoo after removal process to remove all of the tape residue. 

We offer 3 amazing tape removal products.  Each of them are specially formulated to remove your tape-in extensions without damaging your hair.

Bond Bomb Extension Remover-  Non-Greasy formula. This is one of our most popular removers because it leaves no greasy residue.  

Gone Girl Extension Remover-  Fast-Acting.  This is a fast acting formula but does leave an oily residue.  You need to wash hair thoroughly after removal process. 

The Big O Extension Remover- Organic Formula.  Organic citrus oil hair extension remover.  This is great for someone who wants an organic option.


Clarify hair before and after application

Clarify your hair with "The One" shampoo!  The most luxurious organic clarifying shampoo on the market! 

Looking for a great clarifying shampoo before and after you put in your tape in hair extensions?  Now you can say you've finally met "The One"! 

"The One" clarifying shampoo was formulated specifically for tape-in hair extension cleansing before and after application.  It is imperative that you cleanse your scalp with the proper shampoo to prevent the tapes from slipping out. If there is any oil residue or product residue on your hair your tapes will slip out.  This is a great product to remove the tape residue after you have removed the tapes. 



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  • 5
    Love the quality of the hair and the customer service

    Posted by Camille J on Mar 29th 2018

    I ordered the wrong color at first, but I reached out to customer service and they were able to quickly replace my order and get me the right one.

    Just got the product and I love the quality!

  • 5
    Super facil

    Posted by Yenni Garcia on May 2nd 2017

    Fue mi primera ves usando extensiones pero bueno que lujo sin pagar mucho. Las recomiendo mucho

  • 5
    Won't break the banks

    Posted by Angie Leers on Oct 13th 2016

    I had to swtich brands as my old company almost doubled their prices! I wasn't sure about Lux but they are so responsive and nice I had to try them. What a difference with helpful customer service. Oh and the hair is amazing too.

  • 5
    Love this product and amazing customer service!

    Posted by April on Oct 11th 2016

    I love how easy these were especially for a beginner , I also have to comment about how amazing Victoria is she replied to every email and answered all my questions . Most importantly, she was so helpful when my starter kit arrived the solution had been crushed in the mail and immediately responded and the very next day had a replacement sent. The quality of these extensions and the fact that they truly care about their customers has won my loyalty and I will be buying from here as well as referring friends!!!!

  • 5
    Wave for days

    Posted by Jen B on Aug 3rd 2016

    The ends dried a little after a few months but I used the Lux detangler and they bounced right back!!!

  • 5
    Worth the $$

    Posted by Lucile Sky on Aug 3rd 2016

    My stylist made me buy this and so glad she did..

  • 4
    Perfect for thin hair

    Posted by Sasha Moore on Aug 3rd 2016

    I can't really use the large strips because my hair is so fine so these work perfectly.

  • 5
    Too Easy

    Posted by Kate Marcus on Aug 3rd 2016

    I do these myself and they last a long while

  • 4
    Great value

    Posted by Sirena Miles on Aug 3rd 2016

    Overall gorgeous.