New? No Clue?

What is all this talk about hair extensions?  What are they? 

Hair extensions are a beauty product made out of hair (Human or Synthetic) that is sewn to a strip of fiber that can be clipped in, taped in, weaved in or applied in various other methods.  This hairpiece is made to be an extension of your own natural hair to give you a dramatic instant change! There are various qualities when it comes to hair extensions just as if you were buying cosmetics.  You always need to buy from the best company if you want your look to be flawless. 


"What are the different types of hair extensions"?

There are many different types of hair extensions, here at Lux Beauty Club we sell what we believe the best and easiest methods.  These methods are the least damaging to the hair, the easiest to apply and the most affordable. The methods we offer are flip, clip, tape, and weave.


"What's the difference between Flip, Clip, Tape and Weave?"  There are many methods and we offer a large variety.  Read through all the different styles and you decide or give us a call and we can help you make the best choice!

Flip-In Halo Hair Extensions:
  • Great for someone who has short thick hair where a tape or clip option would not work
  • The Flip-In Halo is the easiest method to apply and most dramatic change for the price
  • The Flip-In Halo is not as secure as the Clip, Tape or Weave method
  • The Flip-In Halo is available in synthetic and human materials
"What is the Flip-In Halo?"

The Flip-In Halo is a revolutionary hairpiece design featuring an invisible attachment that no one can see. No clips, no glue, no tape... the Halo is easy to apply in seconds! You literally flip the hairpiece on top of your head, style and go.  It's almost like wearing a wig but without the crown. 

Halo Installation Instructions:

  • Place the extensions over your head like a headband
  • Use the end of a  rattail comb, take your natural hair and lift it over the top covering the extensions. Do this all the way around until you can no longer see the Flip-In halo wire.
  • Style as desired and you are ready to go.

Be sure to watch the video on our website to see how simple it is to apply!  


"What are clip-in extensions?"
If you're new to the world of hair extensions then these are perfect for you! Clip-in hair extensions are very easy to place in your own hair. They have the added bonus of blending in to your hair to be virtually undetected by everyone around you! They also never fall out because the clips are so firm.  You can even exercise and dance in them! 

Benefits of Clip-In Hair Extensions:

  • Easy to apply.  Comes in a variety of sizes, lengths and colors.
  • Clip-In Extensions offer the most variety of choices and are the most popular amongst our customers
  • Available in human and synthetic hair
Clip-In Hair Extensions Application:
  • PART HAIR: Pull half of your hair up on the top of your head with a clip or ponytail holder as shown.
  • CLIP IN HAIR: Clip in hair at the parted section.  Start with the wider 7.5" Pieces. Start at the bottom first, near nape of neck.  Add the second piece at the crown of the head.  Add the 2 3.5” wide accent pieces, one on either side.
  • BLEND HAIR: Once the 4 pieces are securely attached.  Remove your own natural hair out of the clip or ponytail holder.  Carefully blend hair together.  May finish with hair spray.
  • May use heat tools for human hair only.  May use detangling spray or dry shampoo. May rinse extensions with tepid water and hang to air dry.  Follow with Lux Beauty Club detangling spray. Do not sleep in extensions.  May reuse on a daily basis.
  • Volumizing effect:   To apply, part hair at the nape of the neck. Open clips, attach the weft to your hair. Press the two sides of each clip down with thumbs to secure piece to your head. Release layer of hair and repeat this method all the way to the top of your head. Put the larger wefts at the bottom and the smaller wefts around the crown of your head creating a seamless look.
  • OMBRE' AND HIGHLIGHTS  To get the ombre look you must choose a color one shade lighter (Ombre) or one shade darker (Reverse Ombre) than your own natural hair color.  Follow the volumizer instructions.  For a simple highlight effect, you  will need the 3.5" accent makers. Scatter them throughout  your head randomly to create depth.
  • PONYTAIL  Part hair at crown. Clip on desired hair pieces. Follow the volumizer instructions. Be sure to leave at least 2 inches around the bottom and sides of your hairline so when you pull up your ponytail you cannot see the clips. Pull hair into a ponytail and spray.


Tape-In Hair Extensions:

  • 100% Human Remy Hair
  • Semi-permanent method
  • Lasts around 2 months
  • Easy On/Off Application Method
  • The most natural looking hair extension method but also the most expensive
  • Achieve a celebrity high style look
  • High maintenance, daily maintenance required


Each pack of tapes comes with a 20 piece set of tape in remy hair extensions that are pre-taped and require NO HEAT. These tape in remy hair extensions can be applied by DIY or you can take them to your stylist! Each tape tab is 1.5" in width and is easy to remove and reapply with any of our removers. Available in 18" to 24". Custom lengths and colors are available upon request, email us!

Tape-In Extension Application Instructions:

  • PEEL OFF: Peel of the tape tab.
  • TAPE - IN HAIR: Part hair in desired location. Press onto hair.
  • SQUEEZE TOGETHER: Place another piece underneath the same section. Squeeze or sandwich together.
  • REPEAT STEPS: Repeat  above 3 steps following the


Weave hair extensions:

  • Most time consuming application
  • Must be sewn or braided into the hair
  • Permanent
  • Available in synthetic and human


"I'd like to wear hair extensions but I'm not sure if my hair is long enough. How long does my hair need to be to wear extensions and which ones should I choose?"
In a perfect world your hair would be almost touching your shoulders before you start looking at extensions. But we know many customers who have achieve a perfect look with even shorter hair! If you're not sure if hair extensions are suitable for you why not send us a recent photo? We'll give you an honest opinion if you can make it work!
"What color should I pick?"
We offer a money back guarantee so have no fear.  We can even send you more than one color and you can ship back the one you don't want.  Or better yet, keep both for summer or winter color changes!  We are always here to help and will assist you in anyway.  For some people choosing hair extensions is very easy. And for others it can be difficult to get an exact match to your own hair. Your goal should be to either find a match or something that might blend in nicely. If you are struggling to find the right color we certainly can help! Just send us a photo of your hair and one of our qualified extension specialists will recommend the best color for you!
"How long do hair extensions last?"
Lux Beauty Club's human and synthetic clip or halo extensions can last for years.  The more permanent extensions such as Tape-Ins last anywhere from 2-6 months.  If you use the Lux Beauty Club maintenance products your extensions will last longer.  Your hair extensions will get stripped by using products that have harsh chemicals in them not made specifically for hair extensions.  And this can be a lot longer, or a lot less, depending on how well the extensions are cared for, used and stored. The general rules are to avoid behavior such as excessive heat, excessive brushing or excessive washing with the non-extension specific products. Treat the hair with the same love and respect you should your own hair! 
"What is Remy?"
Remy (also referred to as remi) is not a brand but rather a grading system for hair extensions. When purchasing remy hair you are getting hair that is confirmed as cuticle correct. This means that the hair is prepared so that every strand flows in the same downward direction. This is a must for human hair extensions as it means the extensions will flow naturally with your own hair and be far less likely to matt or tangle when worn.
"Can I straighten, curl, cut and wash human hair extensions?"
Absolutely! In fact you can treat them just like you would your own hair! Just remember, like your own hair, human hair extensions are not indestructible. So treat them with care and respect! Read fully the hair care instructions on your packaging to ensure proper maintenance and care.
"How should I brush my hair extensions?"
Always use a wide toothed or soft bristle brush.  When brushing use a soft bristle brush, start at the ends of your hair and gently work your way up. Always brush in a downward motion. Do not brush harshly.
"Can I dye Lux Beauty Club  hair extensions?"
It is not recommended that you color hair extensions.  We offer every color on the market so you should choose the shade of hair color that suits you.  This hair has been processed with many treatments for daily use so a color treatment would only strip the hair.
"Can I return if the color doesn't match"
 Yes, we got you! If you are still not sure which color is just right for you, order a few! We will refund anything you don't keep 100%. But it must be unopened or never worn. So please make sure you love it before opening the box.  We hope you understand, we cannot resell it if it's opened but by all means order a few to make sure and keep what you want. Email us for a return form at We do not refund the shipping fees but we do refund full product fees.