An Open Letter from Our Founders

The confidence and ease of mind that hair extensions can bring a woman is unmatchable. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the high price point so they look to cheaper, inexpensive options.
A high percentage of the inexpensive hair sourced from China contains fillers, synthetics or fallen hair (scraps off the floor or from brushes), which tends to shed and tangle quickly.  It is also over processed and coated in silicon to give it a silky and shiny look but only to be stripped away after a few washes.

How do we know this? Because we used to sell Chinese hair. After speaking with many unhappy customers, we knew we had to make a change. A big one. We switched our entire supply chain to the original source of the hair, India.
Our mission has always been to provide a high-quality product at affordable prices, while building a brand that people love and trust. So we took a step back, we listened and took the journey to India.  After an exhaustive search we can now guarantee customer happiness long-term with pure 100% Indian Remy human hair that is ethically sourced from the temples in India.  India is also required to inspect all outgoing shipments by Wildlife Agents to ensure there is no animal filler.
So why is that special and what does this mean for you?
For starters, 100% Indian Remy hair is chemically unprocessed and the hair cuticles run in the same direction, which guarantees no shedding or tangling. Our hair is pure raw Remy, which comes in a natural, imperfect loose wave (it's natural texture).  Our natural, hair loss  and maintenance products are made in the USA and help stimulate hair growth for an overall enhanced experience.
Our synthetic, human-like hair does come from China, and that is because they make this hair perfectly and beautifully.
So there you have it, full disclosure and honesty. As we fully transition, please be patient with us as our new products come in.
Feel free to drop us a line would love to hear from you anytime!
Victoria & Leslie