Why Lux Beauty Club?

Here at Lux Beauty Club we believe in the power of YOU!  You don't have spend thousands at the salons to look beautiful!  We want you to DIY our extensions and hairpieces.  That's why we have invited top bloggers, vloggers and stylists from around the world to show you how to get those rock star looks! Listen, if we can do it, you can too! Don't forget to send us YOUR videos and Before & Afters to be featured here on our LBC community. #luxbeautyclub

Weekly tutorials on the hottest looks. SIGN UP and start disrupting the hair extension industry with us!

At Lux Beauty Club, it's all about the consumer, that's YOU! No middlemen, no secret pricing, no cosmetology license required.  FULL PRICE TRANSPARENCY is our mission.

We have a 100% guarantee you will love our hair extensions or you can call us and give us a piece of your mind at info@luxbeautyclub.com. We're here to listen.

Send us your videos, show us what you've got! Visit our YouTube channel, Lux Beauty Club.

What's in your box? Start filling your box today!


Are you looking to try extensions for the first time?

Maybe you wear extensions regularly but are tired of paying exorbitant prices for extensions and installations.

We understand how you feel!

We all want the flexibility that comes from wearing extensions: thicker hair, fuller styles, new colors, and fun pieces.

Nothing makes us feel like we can conquer the world better than having fabulous hair! But more often than not, high prices for extensions and installations stand in our way. Hairstylists and beauty companies keep prices for extensions artificially high, and fees for installation are always too expensive. We knew there had to be a better way to get lux hair extensions and beautiful weaves a better way.

At Lux Beauty Club, we are committed to bringing you elegant clip-in extensions and beautiful weaves affordably. Here’s how it works:


Choose from our wide selection of clip-in extensions and weaves

Browse our selection of unique clip-in extensionsbeautiful weaves, and elegant hair pieces for all occasions. Choose from a variety of styles—straight, wavy, curly—and colors—natural blondes and brunettes, bold blues, pinks, and purples. Choose your signature style or try something new.


Order one time or subscribe (and get 10% off every order!)

That’s right. You can order one item at regular price and we will ship it straight to you. Or you can take advantage of our Lux Beauty Club subscription and get 10% off every order.

What is the Lux Beauty Club subscription? There are no fees, no commitments, and no penalties for cancellation. Just choose the lux hair extensions you love and schedule when you’d like them to arrive at your door. We will ship them straight to your door regularly. You can even edit your order and product preferences if you’d like to change up your look. You’ll even get exclusive access from our partner stylists, bloggers, and vloggers who will share great tips for styling and caring for your lux hair extensions.


Gawk over you beautiful, new, (affordable!) extensions

You are going to look fabulous!


Install your lux hair extensions

Here you have a few options: install them yourself (you’re brave!), book a Priv stylist to come to you, find a Lux Beauty Club partner salon, or bring them to your stylist. View more Lux Beauty Club installation options here.


Flaunt your fabulous locks

You look great! We hope you enjoy your new clip-in extensions, beautiful weave, and accessory pieces. Don’t forget to take great care of your extensions with specialty hair care products. Ready to try a new style? Just schedule a new order and we will deliver it next time.

Lux Beauty Club is all about you: getting beautiful lux hair extensions at an affordable price at a time that works for you.


Shop our unique styles on our website and join the Lux Beauty Club today!