Why Lux Beauty Club?

Here at Lux Beauty Club we believe in the power of YOU!  You don't have spend thousands at the salons to look beautiful!  We want you to DIY our extensions and hairpieces.  That's why we have invited top bloggers, vloggers and stylists from around the world to show you how to get those rock star looks! Listen, if we can do it, you can too! Don't forget to send us YOUR videos and Before & Afters to be featured here on our LBC community. #luxbeautyclub

Weekly tutorials on the hottest looks. SIGN UP and start disrupting the hair extension industry with us!

At Lux Beauty Club, it's all about the consumer, that's YOU! No middlemen, no secret pricing, no cosmetology license required.  FULL PRICE TRANSPARENCY is our mission.

We have a 100% guarantee you will love our hair extensions or you can call us and give us a piece of your mind at info@luxbeautyclub.com. We're here to listen.

Send us your videos, show us what you've got! Visit our YouTube channel, Lux Beauty Club.

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