CBD (Cannabidiol) Recent medical studies


Recent studies suggest that CBD (Cannabidiol) may in fact promote healthy and organic hair growth. Studies have displayed that CBD may play a vital role in obtaining healthy, luscious hair. Cannabidiol or CBD in addition to a variety of other cannabinoids work directly with the nervous and neural system. Some native Americans carry the belief that the roots of your hair connect your body and mind. With this belief, the importance of maintaining healthy hair becomes even more-so relevant.  Lux Beauty Club offers a great starter tincture for the hair called LBC CBD Oil - Orange Awake (500MG) as it contains many vitamins and minerals.  


Have you been searching the world for the perfect solution to keeping your skin properly moisturized? Cannabidiol or CBD may be the perfect solution for you! Cannabidiol or CBD can be applied to the skin in many different fashions, a couple of which include topical creams and skin serums. Lux Beauty Club offers a Body Cream that will take your skin to a new level! The Beauty Butter Total Body CBD Cream is packed with a strong 400mg of CBD. This is an ideal dosage for the perfect balance of relief and relaxation.

Did you know...?

Recent medical studies indicate that CBD possesses the ability to slow the degradation of neurons through neuroprotective effects. CBD can suppress excitotoxicity and oxidative injuries to support the growth of new and highly effective neural cells.


If you have dry and weak fingernails, the chances are your body is deficient in some sort of vitamin, mineral, or some other molecular substance. If you are tired of being embarrassed every time someone takes a glance at your fingernails, you need a solution. While cannabidiol or CBD may not be a full-on solution, it has the potential to contribute toward promoting healing and growth. The endocannabinoid system is highly intuitive and does its job well in processing and directing cannabinoids such as cannabidiol or CBD to the parts of the body in the most need. To target an area, there are other methods of consumption or application such as Lux Beauty Club Abinoid Hemp Salve for Nails.