The History Of Hair Extensions

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Ever wondered who first though of placing somebody else’s lustrous locks on our head for a beautiful fashion statement? Hair extensions today are a big part of pop culture and fashion and not only transform someone’s looks entirely but can also make them feel more positive about themselves. So where did it all begin? Let’s take a trip down the memory lane to the history of hair extensions: 


Believe it ladies, we really ow so much to Cleopatra’s era for this amazing invention. Studies have found Egyptian carcasses rocking faux hair strands which date back to around 3400 BC. These people wore wigs crafted out of sheep’s wool and human hair. They’d glue these hair strands with their own hair by using wax from bees, trees and plants (SO CREATIVE RIGHT?). The most popular shades that ancient Egyptians used were gold, red and blue that would go well with their own black hair. Stories say that beauty queen Cleopatra’s favorite hair color was blue. 

Egyptians would also use voluminous plaits as a way to showcase their wealth, religion and age. The ancient Egyptians who could afford for these gorgeous faux hair locks were super-wealthy like the Queens, Kings and Pharaohs. Women weren’t the only wearers of hair extensions in ancient Egypt, there were so many men who would usually shave their natural hair and then change it into a wig to wear to join in on the fashion. 

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In the 1700s, hair fashion was all around powdered wigs. These wigs consisted of a white hairpiece that was styled with waves and curls for added class. It is said that French King Louis XIV was a trendsetter for this style as he had started to go bald hence he’d decided to use powdered wigs. Studies say he was very afraid of being seen as a weak king because hair was such a big status symbol at that time so he had to hide his balding mane. Following the king’s stance, many women and men started to sport powdered wig as a statement of fashion and status symbol. 

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Before the 20th century, many people went for simple hairstyles. The “Pompadour” hair style had started to gain popularity then and to achieve that women needed to utilize hair extensions. Soon long, luscious hair became all the rage and the demand for these faux hair locks became big in the 40’s.

In the 1980s, attached hair by melting wax had become a trend, much thanks to Simon Forbes. Soon this let the Caucasian market placing great interests in these faux hair strands. The African Americas had started placing hair extensions and faux hair weaves too during this time in their hair and then hair extensions had started to become accessible for every budgets and clip-in extensions were the most commonly used strands.

 We saw our favorite celebs like Britney Spears in the early 2000 and Tyra Banks in 1990’s rocking luxe baby pink and pastel blue streaks using these appealing hair extensions for the fab color of their dreams. 


With our top celebs like the Kardashians sporting different glam hair looks at every other red carpet, we girls as the general public aren’t afraid to use hair extensions to transform our appearance and styles either. Perfect for exceptional length, that extra oomph of volume and that flawless hint of subtle color tones, it is interesting to note how the formation of these lovely hair locks have also given u infinite hairstyle possibilities. 

The richly appealing history of hair extensions has proven how long-lasting and much loved the procedure of adding volume and length to their hair has always been. Simply go through our wonderful range of various style of here extensions for super-high quality and plush hair locks that are sure to make you glow. 


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